Making the most out of buying and selling PS4 games

This is the place to sell your stuff. Do you have preowned games? or brand new ones? Do you sell accessories as well? or prepaid cards?
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Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:38 pm

Hi everyone. I would to share some tips about buying and selling ps4 games. This also includes saving money and even earning at some time. This is based on my experience especially with the recent 2 months of trading ps4 games. I do not guarantee anything but these tips worked for me. here they are:

1. Borrow.

This is the most straight forward solution when you want to play games with less or no cost. For those who are engaged in buying and selling game whether to save money or even earn, usually gamers buy games brand new and not discounting most buy from the second hand market. You can borrow from your close friends, relatives or even neighbors.

2. Buy and sell.

This is the most popular. You can save or even earn through the process. Some are surprisingly making a living out this. I did try this but its not feasible for me, take note: its just me.

3. Swapping.

Another popular way to play more games is to simply trade/swap your game(s) with other game(s). There are times that additional cash involved to compensate the difference in value.

During my trades with PS3/4 games I have done the above mentioned tips. However, there are some "tricks" that I do not recommend, though I did try, and had experienced from other traders:

A. Lowballing. (Baratin)

Asking to buy at an extremely lower price, not just a low price. Most of sellers are not open to this that is why expect a lot of rejection. By experience, sellers are offended by lowball offers such that they even ban those buyers.

B. Haggling. (Tawad)

Lowballing's sometimes ugly brother. Haggling is somewhat part of our culture. There are times its fine to ask for a lower price for whatever reason but sometimes its not. Just like lowballing some sellers will refuse this so called request.

C. fishing (sungkit) -

This is lowballing or haggling via swap. This kind of offer by the trader who hopes to get a deal with a lower valued game(s) to a higher value game(s).

Although I still do this on a few times but this is not a reliable way to acquire a game. it can result to arguments and at times resentment from from the seller.


Having said some tips and tricks I would like to tell my style of trading. Again, I do not guarantee anything but this has worked for me.

i. Sell LOW, buy LOWER. (buy at a discount price)

Having traded (company) stocks before we applied a rule "buy low sell high, buy high sell higher". Meaning you buy a stock at a low price "hoping" you'll be selling it with a higher price. However, if you find the you bought the stocks at a high price then you'll "hope" to sell the same at a higher price. Though PS4 games generally lose value through time that is why you have to buy them at a lower price than the prevailing second hand prices. . . and Hopefully to sell them at the same up to the prevailing secondhand market price.

example: game's prevailing 2nd hand price 1000 petots. buy at 800 petots. then you can sell it at 800 or 900 or 1000 petots or even higher if you can.

ii. Buy from rush sellers.

There are 2 ways. Look for posts/ads that sells at a rush price. or post that you are buying at a rush price. This avoids the need for lowballing, haggling, or fishing.

Tips 1, 2, 3, & (i) were realized when I traded during my ps3 days. This however was discovered unintentionally. I have noticed that there are buyers who posted ads buying from rush sellers and then I tried the same with some good results.

example: 1 gamer offered me game A worth 1500 petots, which is practically the same as the prevailing 2nd hand market. When I'm typing where's my discount he suddenly uploaded a pic with game A + game B as free. no lowballing, no haggling, no fishing.... therefore no arguments.

iii. Buy bundles with free. (buy 1 take 1)

Buy games with at least 1 free. The difference with tip (i) is that the former is simply a discount while this one you have a game practically for free if you add the total 2nd hand market price of the bundle.

Another way to buy certain discounted bundles that when you put them together you get 1 free.

example 1: game A 1800 + game B 1000 + game C 800. Total is 3600 petots. The seller sells the bundle at 2800 petots. so if you sell game a & b, you'll get your money back plus you got game c.

example 2: DS4 contoller + 1 game A 1800 petots. game B + game C 1200 petots. I sold the DS4 @ 1500 petots. so the remaining 3 games are 1500 petots. someone was looking for games A + C to swap with games D + E. game D sells for 1300 petots. which leaves 200 petots for games B + E. game B was swapped for a game (F) worth 1000 petots while game E was swapped with a game (G) worth 500. so that means game F was free and game G was discounted.


that's all for now
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Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:10 am

Nasa buy and sell games din ako.

Bihira lang ako bumili ng brand new. Ito yun mga games na gusto namin malaro pero wala na kami makita nagbebenta ng 2nd hand online.
So usually mga 2nd hand games ang binibili ko. Kapag na-plat or natapos ko na yun game, benta na sya.
Kapag nagbenta na ako, ang starting price nya ay kung magkano yun price nung nabili ko yun game as 2nd hand. Iniisip ko na lang na nag-benefit pa rin ako kasi nalaro ko yun game at gusto ko lang mabawi yun pera para pambili naman ng iba.
There are times na tumitingin ako sa market kung magkano na ba yun fair market value ng game na binebenta ko. Minsan nakaka-benta ako ng game na much higher than the purchased price ( "buy low sell high, buy high sell higher" rule).
For those games naman na hindi ko agad mabenta, unti-unti ko na dine-depreciate yun selling price ko. Minsan less 100 petot every 2 months na hindi sya nabebenta. Para maging pera lang.

Pero yun mga games na bigay sa akin ay hindi ko binebenta.
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Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:13 am

Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to apply this now. :)
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